URLs share per market from social media for SEO benefit

Hi there,

I have a query from our social media team related to SEO. The query is if they have an article in English, can they share that to all English speaking markets or should they share the URL specific to that market in it. e.g.

www.site.com/ie/en/seo-news > targets English Ireland
www.site.com/gb/en/seo-news > targets English UK
www.site.com/ee/en/seo-news > targets English Estonia

Previously the social team was just promoting the /gb/en/ article to all 3 markets on Facebook and now they are asking if they should promote each of the URLs to each market and how will that benefit SEO.

My response so far:
yes it makes sense to use URLs that match the market you are targeting, this will send visits and engagement signals to Google for that URL and possibly rank it higher in its market. The URL may even gain some market specific backlinks from the promotion on social media which is a positive for SEO

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree or have anything further to add.

Many thanks, T

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