SEO friendly urls using wordpress and nginx

Hi there,

This might be the wrong place to ask this, but worth a shot.

I am trying to optimise my wordpress blog for SEO and I understand my page urls are terrible. For example they have the page number in them.

I am suggested the following…
You do not have your postname in the URL of your posts and pages, it is highly recommended that you do. Consider setting your permalink structure to /%postname%/.
You can fix this on the Permalink settings page.

However when I change it, it breaks everything, 404’s everywhere so I have to change it back to ‘plain’.

My developer is using nginx for the blog and website, both under the same domain. There is a guide "Documentation on Nginx configuration." but I dont understand what I need to do and neither does my developer 🙁 ?

Any help is much appreciated?


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