How Do I Get Permanent Back links?

Hello everyone

The question is very simple "How Do I Get Permanent Back links?" but the answer I am looking for isn’t very simple 😉

When I read articles online, ask anyone, visit forums and discussions to find answer to these questions. The replies I usually see are:

Unique content, guest post, get interviewed, blog comments, social book marking etc.

But the problem here is what are the sources on which I can do that? What are the websites which I can visit and make things work. I ve contacted many sites for guest posting but hardly few of them replies.

First, I put a lot of time to search websites accepting guest content. If i contact 20 websites, I might get response from 2-3. If 1 of them publish my post than I have to get my content written and send for review and finally publishing. After putting so much time and energy, what I get is Just One Backlink. Does it really worth it? To spend sooo much time and get 1 backlink only?

When I post highly relevant comments, rarely they get approved. Again, efforts wasted.

When I hire some people for backlinks from fiverr or any other freelancing website, I have a doubt about quality, black hat, very quick back link generation might look suspicious or any other negative impact. Still If I go with that, I have experience, that those links gets deleted with time.

So my question is, how do I get sufficient backlinks with energy, efforts and time optimization?

May be someone can share directory of links and idk anything which can help!

It will be really helpful if you guys can share some websites may be. May be I should publish posts on medium and onmogul. It is good idea?


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