GSC still reporting duplicates after implementing canonicals/redirects


I am taking care of an amusing scenario.

Google Search Console reported some replicate title tags, in the HTML Improvements areas numerous months back.

I executed 301 redirects and also rel canonicals where suitable to address the replicate concern for those web pages. This is something I did numerous weeks earlier, however those title tags are still reported as matches.

Later on, I discovered I left both approved and also replicate URLs in the sitemap.xml. Could this be the factor Google is still maintaining the ULRs in its index? I got rid of the matches, maintaining just the primary, approved URL in the sitemap.xml.

Could someone please recommend me a service for that? Should I by hand send the modified URLs (with redirects or rel canonicals) for creeping in GSC, or exists anything else I can to have those replicate title tags gotten rid of from GSC?

Thanks significantly

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