Google Indexed Pages are not Showing in Search Console

Hi Guys,

This is my site:

addictivemedia (dot) co (dot) in

I am seeing only 1 indexed URL in Google Search Console (earlier Google Webmaster Tool)

See screenshot here:

Indexd pages start dropping dramatically after 20-Aug-2017

See screenshot here:

XML site also submitted many times after 20-Aug-2017 but indexed pages could not be increased (You can see it in 1st screenshot above)

I checked robots.txt file but could not found any issue.

See screenshot here

No blocked URL in in Google Search console

See screenshot here

When we check indexed pages through google search (eg. site:google . com) we can see 131 pages

See screenshot here

if we check total indexed pages in Google through some SEO tools then we get different results:

seochat: 76

pingler: 97

northcutt: 106

Can anybody help me out ?

What else I can do?

how can I see all pages index in Google Search Console?

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