change of address

I have changed my site domain


from "" to ""

i have redirected all pages to new URL.

the site ranking in google has decreased and after a month now the site ranking didn’t get better. we were the first google result in some keywords..
the site unique users according to google analytics decreased from 1400 to 500.

how long does it take to get back where we were? is there something that i can do to make it shorter?
is this because of backlinks? because backlinks are pointing to the old URL and new URL does not have any backlinks yet.
what checklist do you guys recommend to make sure there is not any errors? because i changed the template too.

and rating does not show up in SERPs.
there was an error in google markup in article page. although i have solved it, rating is not showing up in google search results yet. how long does it take for google to index pages and show stars again?

any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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