An interesting challenge for a newbie

I’ve been doing bits and pieces of SEO for a few months – mostly technical stuff – but I’m no expert.

I’ve been approached by a client who is concerned that there are one or two articles online about him that are less than positive, written by other people.

My task is to get more positive articles coming up in SERP’s when certain search terms are used, pushing the negative ones down.

My approach is going to be:

1) Add a blog page to the clients website and get him to write several articles in which he is mentioned (his name being the essential keyword), and publish them – 1 or 2 a week for a few weeks if possible.
2) Improve the page titles and heading structure of his website – its very poor at the moment
3) Do all the usual stuff in search console – submit pages, sitemaps etc
4) Get the client to approach any other website owners with any authority at all in his field (I think he might know a few) and ask them to write an article or at least link to his website.

Does that sound about right? I think its going to be a pretty low budget so I need to prioritise and just try and get some results in the limited time available.

One thing I’m concerned about – his site is a Wix site. I’ve heard bad things about how SEO unfriendly they are – making it difficult to achieve some of the onsite technical tasks.

Any advice appreciated.

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