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Hey guys,

Managing one or more Adwords account can be a daunting task, especially if you’re trying to do everything manually. That being said, I found that using a mix of Automated Rules and Custom Scripts is an effective way reduce your daily workload and manage one or multiple AdWords accounts.
Here are some examples:

Automated Rules:
-Increase/Decrease Bid based on KWs Position
-Pause Keywords (Cost /Conversion)
-Increase/Decrease (Date/Time)

Custom Script:
-QS report
-Custom Alerts
-Link Checker

For professionals out there, I would like your input:

-Which script and/or automated rules do you consider essentials or worthy of consideration?
-Do you guys keep keywords with "low search volume" or do you implement a "Pause or Delete keyword if 0 impressions Script" ?

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